API Pricing plans


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✓ Unlimited charging stations
✓ Upto two active vehicles per month
✓ Unlimited charging stations
✓ Custom pricing
Back End
✓ OCPP 1.6
✓ Fully Managed Back End
✓ OCPP 2.0.1
✓ Organization
✓ Location
✓ Chargestation
✓ Connector
✓ Driver
✓ ID Tokens
✓ Transactions
✓ Commands
✓ Remote Start/Stop
✓ Unlock Connector
✓ Reset
✓ Statistics
✓ Reserve Now
✓ Configure chargestation
✓ Realtime events stream
✓ Reserve by time slot
Plug & Go

✓ Authenticate EV on plug in
✓ EV range & state of charge detection
✓ Vehicle charging start / stop control
✓ Set EV topup range in miles
✓ Email & Chat support
✓ Email and Chat support
✓ Customer success manager
✓ Custom SLAs

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions not covered here please feel free to reach out to us via chat or email us on support@edrv.io

How do you define an "Active Vehicle"?

Any electric vehicle (for Plug & Go) or ID Token that starts a transaction via the API counts towards your monthly quota.

You can have an unlimited number of inactive vehicles and ID Tokens in your account. They do not count towards your monthly quota.

Which API requests affect my quota?

Only successful Remote Start/Stop API requests count towards the calculation of the number of active vehicles in your account.

You are free to use the other API endpoints without affecting your monthly quota.