Which Charge Station Vendors do you support?

eDRV is compatible with any OCPP capable chargestation. You are welcome to choose a vendor that works best for your uniques business case. We have also completed one on one testing with over twenty chargestation vendors from the US, Europe, China and Taiwan. Please contact us for a full list.

What payment options do you support?

Globally: All major Credit Cards and Paypal
Wallets: Google Pay, Apple Pay, Microsoft Pay and Alipay. We are consistently adding more payment methods. Please contact us if you want to know about a specific payment type.

What is eDRV's turnkey offering? 

We offer factory-configured charging stations with data connectivity and pre-installed industrial labels with QR code in your brand specification and shipped to your install location. By purchasing a hardware, data and software bundle from eDRV, you can focus on your business. Read more here: https://edrv.io/turnkey-ev-charging

My drivers prefer not to register or download an app. How can they pay?

Not a problem. eDRV offers "Ad Hoc" charging as an option. Any driver can walk up to a Charge Station, scan a QR code (or enter a short URL in their browser).
They are presented the payments page for that particular chargestation where they can pay and manage their charging session anonymously.

How can I publish my chargestations on another popular app?

You can publish your eDRV managed chargestations manually on plugshare, openchargemap or even google maps. If you need real time station availability on an external app, please contact us.

I want to build my own app or management dashboard

Feeling constrained by our design choices? Are you a UI/UX rock star? Use the eDRV APIs to build your own web or mobile front end. We welcome it!

eDRV is built from the ground up based on an API first architecture. In fact we use the eDRV APIs to power the dashboard and the mobile apps.

See: https://docs.edrv.io