Cloud-based Charging Management System for Electric Vehicles

Set up your own charging network in no time. Deploy from a wide range of pre-tested electric vehicle supply equipment.

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✓ Accept ad-hoc payments
✓ Plug & Go app-less charging for driver convenience
✓ Proactively manage energy loads with smart charging

Electric Vehicle Charging Reimagined

Ad-hoc Payments
Drivers can scan a QR code to pay through a variety of card options, Google or Apple Pay
Plug & Go
Login with vehicle credentials to make eDRV start charging without an app
Energy Management 
Setup static or dynamic profiles for charging management and avoid demand charges
accept payments for charging

Ad-hoc Charging

Drivers can scan a QR code to pay for charging sessions without downloading an app. Single click payments via Google Pay, Apple Pay and a range of credit and debit cards

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plug & Go app-less charging

Hassle-free Charging For All EV Drivers

Charging with Plug & Go is as easy as plugging in your phone. Drivers can pull up to an eDRV managed charging station, plug in their vehicle, and walk away until it's ready.

accept payments for charging

Charging Network Management

Use our off-the-shelf plug and play applications above, or use our APIs to build your own apps and connect EV charging for applications for multi-family homes, workplaces and fleets

Connect Open Charge Point Protocol compliant chargers to eDRV via WiFi, 3G or 4G. Choose from a range of SIM cards and data suppliers.
Network Management
Publish stations, set public and private hours by station. Take charge of who gets to access your network and at what time.
Get status updates on the health of your network, schedule preventive maintenance and push firmware upgrades.
station marketing

Market Stations and Attract Drivers To Your Network

List charge stations on popular apps such as Plugshare, Google or Apple Maps and let drivers find your location. Publish charging station schedule and access information.

Support for major EVSE VENDORS

Compatible With Major Equipment Suppliers

eDRV supports both OCPP 1.6 and 2.0.1, which means you can mix and match vendors and include them in your network right out of the box. We are working hard towards adding support for more suppliers every week!

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