A custom interface for EV charge management

Cloud-based EV Charging Management Software

Launch your charging network with eDRV's charging management software in 24 hours! Use our customizable starter apps for EV drivers. Administer your network via eDRV's admin dashboard, and deploy from a wide range of pre-tested equipment for AC and DC charging.

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    Offer payment links, pre-paid wallets and discounts
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    Create user groups and set differential rates
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    Proactively manage energy loads with smart charging


Choose Any OCPP Charging Station

eDRV's charge management software supports both OCPP 1.6 and 2.0.1, meaning you can mix and match charging station vendors and include them in your network. Check in to see if your charging station has been added to our growing list of suppliers.

Mobile webapp for EV charging with multiple payment options and prepaid wallet

DRIVER payments

Flexible Payment Options

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    Prepaid wallets API with auto top-up.
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    User discounts, payment links and subscription options.
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    PCI compliant security, powered by Stripe.
Accept Payments From Any Provider
Location Rates and Access Control

Set advance pricing rates for each user group in your network with precision. Managers also have complete control over who gets to access their charge points at specified locations.

Transaction Monitoring

Get real time visibility into the financial performance of your network. View ongoing transactions and track revenue growth.

Monetize your Network

Manage the users accessing your network to identify your top customers. Offer customized discounts and promotions, as well as drive usage growth.

Flexible Rates based on Energy Usage

Set charging rates based on kWh usage, time charged, or by charging session. Add flexibility via complex rate for time-of-use plans or for overstaying customers.

Integrate With External Dashboards

With webhooks and other integrations, the possibilities of customization are limitless. Build the functionality you need and make eDRV your own.