Electric Vehicle Charging API

Easily integrate EV charging with existing business applications using simple APIs and just a few lines of code

Make EV Charging Work with Any Business Application

eDRV makes it easy to connect electric vehicle charging with a wide range of existing applications. Our powerful integrations help you take control and focus on offering new service to customers and grow your business

Wide Range of Integration Options

Off the shelf plug and play connectivity of EV charging with major applications for home, office and fleets

Accept Payments
Connect your chargers with Stripe and accept payments instantly
Send Text Notifications
Connect eDRV with Twilio and effortlessly send text notifications to drivers
Workplace Integration
Get status notifications and reserve chargers via your workplace Slack channel
Hassle Free Access
Allow employees to initiate charging with their work email credentials
Android Apps
Build apps for charging and easily connect with the Android platform
iOS Apps
Build apps for charging and easily connect with the iOS platform
Works with your BI tools
Need business intelligence and analytics on charging performance. You're covered
Works on all devices
Whether it is mobile, or desktop applications, eDRV works with everyone
Reward Loyal Customers
Allow customers to spend loyalty points on charging by connecting your app to eDRV

Connect Chargers from any Major Global EV Supply Equipment Supplier

eDRV supports both OCPP 1.6 and 2.0.1, which means you can mix and match vendors and include them in your network right out of the box. We are adding support for more suppliers every week

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