Electric Vehicle Charging Management

Get started with your EV charging business using the eDRV suite of apps and API platform

Operate your Electric Vehicle Charging Business

Run your network on the eDRV charging management system. Easily add or remove users on the fly. Let drivers reserve sessions, pay for charging, or go app-less with Plug & Go.

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Build Applications for Electric Vehicle Charging

Use eDRV's powerful API's or pre-configured integrations to cut time to market. Connect electric vehicle charging with a wide range of applications. Focus on offering new services to customers and grow your business.

EDRV For developers

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Request free access to eDRV APIs, or talk to us about how to deploy it for your use case.

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Connect Chargers from any Major Global EV Supply Equipment Vendor

eDRV supports both OCPP 1.6 and 2.0.1, which means you can mix and match vendors and include them in your network right out of the box. We are adding support for more suppliers every week

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