Electric vehicle charging APIs for operators and developers.

Operate your electric vehicle charging network with eDRV's suite of apps, or build your own application from scratch using our APIs. Connect any open charger, accept any payment method, or use our integrations to launch your service at scale in weeks.

eDRV Cloud Based Charging Management Dashboard and Mobile Driver Application

Launch an EV Charging Business with Starter Apps

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    Launch your branded network in hours
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    App with mobile payments in any currency
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    Connect any OCPP 1.6 compatible hardware
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    Highly scalable architecture
launch your network with edrv
"eDRV is one of the most innovative charging management solutions in the market today"

Aaron Luque

CEO & Founder, Envirospark

Build EV Charging Applications

Enterprise grade applications for operators, utilities, fleets or loyalty

  • Cut time to market and launch faster
  • Integrate with existing applications and provide a unified user experience
  • Use our APIs and pre-configured integrations with Stripe, Intercom, and Smartcar
Build your application with edrv
“eDRV helped us launch Morocco's highway EV charging network in weeks, allowing us to focus on growing the business”

Ali Lakrakbi
CEO & Founder, KiloWatt Maroc
eDRV Documentation
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EV Charging API For Developers

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    Build custom EV charging applications
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    REST APIs and SDKs in every tech stack
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    Driver, charge station, payments and rate management via dedicated APIs
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    Real time smart charging
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    Webhooks for real time events
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