Rupul Safaya
Published on
December 5, 2023
5 min read

Introducing Subaccounts for eDRV

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Today we are excited to launch Subaccounts for eDRV. This feature allows our Enterprise customers to manage multiple customer accounts under a single master account.

Subaccounts provide better customer data segregation, improved user management, and enhanced security. It is one of the most requested features and was designed and built based on requests and feedback from eDRV customers.

We believe this feature will significantly reduce the time spent in producing custom reports and dashboards for your customers and reduce concerns around segmenting information access for users.

Subaccounts Example Use Cases:

  1. Master Driver Support: James and Amelia work for an external customer support company. Invite them to your Master Account Dashboard with a Support role. Via this role, they are able to support all your Subaccounts (customers) without permission to delete any assets.
  1. Customer Staff: Your customer, a property manager wants to view charging data for chargers in their account. Previously you would have built a custom dashboard. Now you can add them as a Viewer on their Subaccount.
  1. Investors: Your investors want regular monthly reports on charging sessions in order to report impact metrics. Add them on the Master Account Dashboard as Viewers.
  1. Fleet Charging: As a national fleet charging manager, you can segment each charging depot as a Subaccount. This allows you to assign support/maintenance staff per depot and gather data, analytics, and reports for each depot separately.

Let’s have a closer look at how Subaccounts works and dive deeper into a few key features:

Master Account Dashboard

As a current customer of eDRV (an Account), you can enable Subaccounts via the admin dashboard. This creates a Master Account Dashboard that looks and feels just like

What the Master Account Dashboard can do:

  • Manage Subaccounts
  • Invite users to Subaccounts based on Roles
  • Access data, analytics, and reports across all your Subaccounts
  • Manage charging resources (e.g. Chargestations, Rates) across all your Subaccounts
  • Assign Resources to a particular Subaccount (e.g. assign Chargestations in a particular location to Subaccount A)

Subaccount Dashboards

A subaccount allows you to better segregate data. You can create multiple subaccounts from the Master Account Dashboard.

On the Subaccount Dashboard users can:

  • Access a fully-featured dashboard for their account
  • Create a unique Dashboard URL 
  • Create custom Dashboard branding
  • Invite other users based on Roles
  • Access data, analytics, and reports for their account
  • Manage charging resources (e.g. Chargestations) within their Subaccount.

Customize new user profiles
Assign Resources to Users through the eDRV Dashboard

Role-Based User Management

eDRV Subaccounts implements Role-based access control (RBAC) which restricts access based on a user’s role. Users are segregated into Roles (Admin, Support, Viewer), with varied permissions for accessing data and managing resources. RBAC is available at the Master account and Subaccount levels. 

Audit Trails

In addition to RBAC, eDRV also tracks “who changed what” so you keep track of all changes made by users on your network at the Master and Subaccount levels.

If you are interested in trialing eDRV Subaccounts please reach out to 

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