Arjun Harindranath
Published on
June 6, 2023
5 min read

Introducing eDRV Academy

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What is eDRV Academy?

eDRV Academy is our newest library of resources that help users gain a more in depth understanding of how to set up their EV charging stations.

With in depth tutorials and easy-to-follow guides, eDRV Academy walks users through key topics in charge management and gives you the chance to see the user experience before it's implemented in the real world.

Our courses are split up into various chapters, each tackling important topics within EV charging station management. We currently have four major chapters and we intend to add more as we continue to innovate charging management.

Network Administration

Our Network Administration chapter dives into the important first steps in setting up your charging stations. From establishing locations of your chargers to controlling access, this chapter guides you through the ins and outs of setting up connectors, pricing  or rates, remote session management and much more.

Driver App Admin

This chapter covers how to best set up your very own Driver App using our Admin Dashboard. In addition to learning how the Driver App is set up, this tutorial also shows you how to customize the App to reflect your company’s branding.

Driver Experience

Command the eDRV Driver Experience by watching this tutorial on how seamless EV charging is for your customers. Users have the option of offering either Ad Hoc Charging (useful for public charging stations) or registering drivers for more precise session monitoring as well as the option to offer discounts, wallets and more.

Introduction to OCPP 1.6

We regularly field questions about the Open Charge Point Protocol (OCPP) and learning about the most common iteration–OCPP 1.6– has proven to be one of our most popular chapters in the eDRV Academy. From the beginner to more intermediate and advanced developers can make the most of our OCPP 1.6 tutorial where they can learn everything from the protocol’s core messages to faults and how best to troubleshoot errors as they arise.  

Who is eDRV Academy for?

The eDRV Academy is free to all Enterprise customers of eDRV. We have different tracks to reflect your relative understanding of EV charge management. If you’re more aligned with the business side of your company, our Sales and General Track shows all the important basics on the user experience and the Driver App.

For intermediate users that are admins of a given network, we also have a Network Admintrack that includes network, pricing and location management.

And finally, more advanced customers can also make the most of our Lead Admin Track which is a comprehensive overview of everything within the eDRV Academy.

For those interested in checking out our eDRV Academy, make sure to reach out to us directly with your use case here.

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