Arjun Harindranath
Published on
April 3, 2023
5 min read

Payment Links for EV Charging

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What are Payment Links?

eDRV Payment Links enable Service Providers to sell EV charging services on any eDRV charge station without having to build and integrate a payment solution with EV charging. Application developers can embed a payment link for a charge station within a QR code or within their driver app and eDRV takes care of the rest. 

When a driver clicks on a payment link, they are presented a checkout page with various payment options such as credit cards, Google Pay and Apple Pay. On successful payment, eDRV automatically starts a charging session. On session completion, your business gets paid immediately.

eDRV’s Payment Links are secured by Stripe’s (PCI Level 1) payments infrastructure and come with a full suite of tools for application developers. See our Developer Docs for more info

Creating and Sharing Payment Links

Setting up Payment Links through our APIs requires you to define a pre-payment amount for charging sessions. It’s important to specify this payment amount as charging sessions can only be authorized when this first step is completed. 

This defined amount, which is in US dollars and cents as a default currency, will be held as pre-authorization on the customer’s registered credit card. Currently, Payment Links only supports US Dollars although other currencies will be added soon.

Once a payment amount has been specified, customers can run a charging session right up to this amount. The charging session will automatically stop once the payment amount has been reached.

For a full understanding of how to create and share Payment Links through our APIs, check out our documentation.


Can I use  Payment Links in my country? We currently  only support Stripe as our payments provider. Global users of eDRV APIs, make sure to check out if Stripe is supported in your region.

Once created, the session object will return a payment link in the form of a session.payment.url property. This link is a payments page powered and secured by Stripe and can be shared to your customer via your app for them to add their card details.

Your customers will see an image like the one below:

By default, the customer will have a time limit of 5 minutes to enter their card details successfully before the link automatically expires. This time limit can be changed both at the organization level or on an ad hoc basis when creating a session.

You’ll be notified via webhooks if the payment was successful or declined either for lack of funds or an expiry of the time limit. You’ll also be notified if the customer has canceled the transaction.

On successful payment capture, eDRV will start a session on the charge station specified. Once the session closes, our payments engine will calculate the amount due (based on the rate set on the connector or location) and capture the amount due. eDRV session intelligence will monitor the session for over-runs and will automatically stop a session if the cost exceeds the pre-auth amount.

Building with Payment Links

Please reach out to the team directly if you need any help with your particular use case. We cannot wait to see what you build.

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