Rupul Safaya
Published on
December 19, 2022
5 min read

New Face. Same Drive.

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Introducing the new look eDRV dashboard

eDRV's all new dashboard is now live for customers. In this article we go over the key features that you can expect. The new dashboard makes it easier to have complete control over your EV charging network: from the global to the granular.

  • Advanced User and Pricing Controls. Introducing all new user groups and pricing control.
  • Views. Immediately get an overview of your entire charging network.
  • Powerful Diagnostics. Quickly identify and correct errors if problems crop up.

Let’s take each of these new features in turn.

Advanced User and Pricing Controls

Ensuring you get the full value from your charging network requires precise user access and pricing control. Network operators can now create groups of users, and offer them different prices, even if they charge at the same location. Managers can easily distinguish between ad-hoc, registered, or white-list users and specify pricing for each of them separately.

Here are some use cases for group-based pricing: subscribers to an app; discounted rates for frequent users; special promotions and discounts; and semi-public charging. Curious to try it out? Check out the Advanced User and Pricing Control guide in the docs section to find out more.

Views: A better way to see your EV network

Quickly review information about your entire network at a glance under the Overview tab. To view the same set of parameters filtered for a location, click on the  Locations tab. Clicking on the Chargestation tab zooms into specific details down to the connector or transaction level. 

For EV charging fleets, the new Fleet View makes it easy for a depot manager to view operational status in real-time, including real time State of Charge, if it is reported via the connector.

With eDRV views, users can review the same parameters but narrow down the scope from the global to the session level, and always maintain visibility on the status of their charging networks.

Diagnostics: Problems raised. Problems solved. 

At eDRV, transparency is one our core principles. The new dashboard makes it a breeze to troubleshoot problems that arise in day-to-day operations. Advanced users can easily identify where problems originate, if they are related to OCPP, a specific transaction, or communications between the charging station and eDRV's backend.

The log search function makes it easy to search by OCPP or error codes. Moreover, EV depot and fleet managers can set customized alerts and alarms if specific events arise in real time.

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