Rupul Safaya
Published on
January 5, 2023
5 min read

Location Rates and Access Control with eDRV

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We have new features on the eDRV platform that allow EV network operators the ability to set precise location rates and control access to their chargepoints. Our new features also allow you to set specified pricing for each user group that uses your chargepoints. By doing so, EV charging operators could establish special user groups (like those subscribed to their apps or high-end users) and offer special rates to the drivers.

🔗 Check out our docs page now for more info.

For those who are already familiar with our platform, advanced user and pricing controls can be set using our easy-to-use documentation. In this brief note we outline the main uses of these features and how they help you get the most out of your network.

Enabling Rates for a Location

You can easily enable rates for a particular location by navigating to the Location page and clicking on the “Access Control Button” and then hitting “Enable Root Toggle” for Control Location Access and Rates.

Here you have the option of setting a Location Default Rate which would be one rate applied consistently across all connectors within that location.

Alternatively, you can set rates based on the type of user. In this option you can create a list of selected users with their specific rates.

Enabling Access Control

On our latest dashboard, network operators can set access control for users by deciding which drivers can access charging at a specific location. This can allow managers to distinguish between anonymous users, registered users or specified users that can take advantage of the chargepoint.

You can authorize your users within each of these three categories and assign a separate access profile for each list. 

To do this, navigate to the location page and click on the access control button. Make sure that the Control Location Access and Rates toggle is enabled and then list your users in the Access Control section.

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