Rupul Safaya
Published on
June 5, 2023
5 min read

Introducing Wallet API by eDRV

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Learn more about Wallet API by eDRV

Top Up, charge and go. Build a world class payments experience with the eDRV Wallets API.

The Wallets API allows product managers the ability to build EV charging experiences using driver pre-payments. Application developers can entice drivers to pre-pay for charging using discounts and other offers using our Wallets API. 

As always, you can dive straight into our documents and get building. If you’d like a more leisurely guide to Wallets, read on to find out more. 

The Payment Experience for Users

The Wallet API by eDRV can be at the heart of a seamless payments experience for your customer.  You can build a customizable user experience that is by its foundations both familiar and secure.

From a driver’s vantage point, Wallet can be topped up either manually or automatically. Manual Top Ups occur by clicking on the top right corner of the Driver App home screen and clicking Wallet. By scrolling down to the Manual Top-Up section and Clicking “Pay”, drivers can confirm that the Wallet can be topped up to a pre-authorized amount. Once they have topped up their digital wallet, they will be able to pay for EV charging sessions using this balance. 

Customers also have an option of topping up automatically  so they’re never left without funds for ongoing sessions. Drivers have the option of enabling an automatic top up to ensure that their Wallet balance always remains ready to charge. This automatic balance will be connected to either your credit or debit card, or to your Google or Apple Pay accounts.

From the operator’s perspective, the user’s payment details as well as when the payment has been received can all be monitored via Webhooks. Top ups to the digital wallet are also either created, accepted or declined through webhook events, giving you the ability to afford your users a customizable experience that is both familiar and secure. 

Creating a digital wallet

The great thing about Wallet API is that every new customer in your network already has it integrated into their charging session management. 

For customers who were on the network previously, developers can create wallets for them by calling the GET /users/:id/wallet API. Developers can establish a customer’s current balance in Wallets by the wallet.balance property User Objects. 

Our Wallet API currently only supports payments in US dollars but we hope to include more currencies soon. Customer’s’ balances on Wallets are specified in US cents. For example, a session that costs 1008 would cost $US10.08.

Customers can’t start a session without a minimum balance in Wallet. You can set this minimum value to be anything higher than $X. If they have an amount greater than this minimum value, a customer can charge their EV until their balance is $0.

Showing Wallet Activity

You can directly view the history of your customer’s transactions via Wallets. By calling the GET wallet/:id/activity API, you can directly see the amounts that remain in the digital wallet, the amounts that were deducted and the times of the sessions.

Understanding user behaviors when paying for charging can help you craft better incentives like discounts, loyalty programs and other special offers.

Reach out to us directly to find out more about Wallet API.

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