Team eDRV
Published on
September 28, 2023
5 min read

EDRV Announces New Plug & Charge API

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eDRV is excited to announce its newest Plug&Charge API solution! This latest addition to eDRV’s product suite significantly reduces the time and effort it takes any large-scale charging network or EV charging hardware manufacturer to offer safe and secure plug and charge experiences at scale. Today, it takes these customers’ in-house teams close to eight months to build plug and charge technologies — with the Plug and Charge API, it can be implemented with minimal code in less than one hour.

EV ownership continues to grow in the U.S. — a record number of EVs were sold in Q2 2023 — yet satisfaction with EV charging networks is declining., Plug and charge technology can improve the public charging experience by eliminating the need for drivers to use an app or swipe a credit card to initiate a charge. By making it easier than ever for charging providers to deliver these benefits to drivers, eDRV’s Plug&Charge API unlocks seamless, convenient, and secure recharging and supports the continued adoption of EVs.

The new Plug&Charge solution expands eDRV’s existing enterprise API platform, which supports Wallets, Load Management, Charge Management, and more. Just as Stripe’s and Plaid’s APIs make it easy for any merchant to accept online transactions, eDRV delivers all charging providers the building blocks needed to efficiently and securely operate scaled networks, while also offering these owners control and customization. Ultimately, eDRV's software empowers every charging provider to easily design, launch, and manage charging networks that delight customers, and maximize utilization and revenue potential.

“Charging providers must continue expanding their networks and offering high-quality charging experiences to satisfy drivers’ growing expectations. eDRV’s APIs offer these enterprise customers the ability to quickly and securely launch new charging technologies that elevate the customer experience and meet government requirements,” said Bhaskar Deol, CEO and Co-founder of eDRV. “Our latest Plug&Charge API allows all major charge point operators to rapidly improve their network’s convenience, offering their drivers the same benefits that Tesla owners have enjoyed for years.”

Early adopters of eDRV’s Plug&Charge API include EnviroSpark, a pioneering force in turnkey EV charging solutions in the U.S. By implementing the Plug&Charge API, EnviroSpark becomes the first provider to offer plug and charge experiences for multi-family apartments — an important advancement considering nearly one-third of American residences are multi-family.

“EnviroSpark continuously evolves ahead of the industry to deliver driver-friendly charging experiences, making plug and charge technology a key priority,” said Aaron Luque, Founder and CEO of EnviroSpark. “eDRV’s Plug&Charge API contains all the required technology and security protocols, and allows us to rapidly implement plug and charge across our wide-ranging multi-family network.”

The Joint Office of Energy and Transportation mandates plug and charge technology for all public EV chargers funded under the National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure (NEVI) Formula Program after February 28, 2024. In support of this, eDRV’s Plug&Charge API is fully compliant with the ISO-15118 standard and utilizes banking-grade encryption to ensure the secure exchange of information between vehicle, charger, and authorizing entity, Hubject.

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