Electric Vehicle Charging For Workplaces

Use eDRV's Slack and other integrations to offer a seamless charging experience for employees and visitors

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✓ Slack-based workplace charging
✓ Connect your car with eDRV using Plug & Go
✓ Employee reservations, and smart charging

Charging Simplified For Workplaces

Employees can check available and free chargers and make reservations
Charging Operation
Start and stop charging sessions by sending a message via the eDRV Slack app
Review Sessions
Review past sessions, energy consumption and track time, all from within Slack
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Workplace Charging As Amenity

Users can easily start, stop and reserve charging sessions from your workspace. Interact with eDRV in a Slack channel, or message with the eDRV charging bot.

Slack App
eDRV can be fully controlled from Slack. Download from the App Store and get started in minutes
Drivers can reserve charging sessions in advance and hold their slots before arriving at work
Easily export and review usage, view history of sessions by user or generate reports
Admin Free
Simply add or remove users through the Slack channel without relying on an administrator
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Admin Journey

eDRV Dashboard For Full Charging Management Functionality

Admins can easily manage stations, add or remove users, provide temporary access, review transactions and more.

Add drivers, sync with Active Sync, or provide temporary access
Drivers can reserve charging sessions via multiple channels
API Explorer
Use our APIs to embed eDRV within your application, e.g. access control
Review transactions and generate reports by employee, visitors or energy use
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